Do anti snoring devices really work?

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A noise that comes from snorts and buzz-saw growls is an intermittent one and cannot be easily forgotten. It is induced by irregular breathing and blocked airway, which causes the interruption of an air flow. When the air meets the obstacle on its way through your mouth, it is reflected through snoring.

If you’re losing sleep because your partner or a spouse suffers from sleeping disorder and can’t stand his/her snoring anymore, it’s about time to do something about it!


Is it just about the noise?
Snoring can be a serious issue for a patient and his family, but did you know that it may be a sign of a an alarming condition called sleep apnea? Since a a great percentage of sleep apnea goes unnoticed, without the proper medical treatment a patient is at risk of fatal medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke.

 Snoring usually happens when your throat gets relaxed during sleeping. That causes the airway to narrow and the air can’t get through your mouth without hitting an obstacle. When you’re breathing in, your throat is vibrating, causing a disturbing sound similar to chain saw.

The situation is a bit better if you’re sleeping on your back – that way your tongue blocks an airway a little, which reduces snoring. On the flip side, if you’re suffering from a deviated septum, your snoring issue could get worse.


Can snoring be cured?

Luckily, there are some advanced anti snoring devices that can prevent further snoring, but the most of them are a part of a medical treatment. On the other hand, you can always go for a more affordable but not so secure ways – a market is flooded by anti snoring devices which, frankly, ranges from absurd to torturous.

The most simple ones are nose plugs. Their purpose is to open up your nostrils and free the air tunnel so the air can flow freely. They are effective for patients who suffers from a deviated septum.

On the flip side, there are some seriously insane anti snoring devices designed to reposition your jaw and open an airway. However, you suppose to cover your face with straps and this can be a critical thing to do. Just one strap over your mouth can cause choking. That includes all the other devices that should be put in the mouth during sleep – these will not help your snoring to stop.

Some snorers can get help from devices that are suppose to gently poke you when you roll to your side. During your sleep, you stop laying on your back and eventually roll over to the side which will cause snoring in a second.


Final verdict

Depending on a specific medical condition, you should ask your physician what anti snoring device you should use. They are not all the same, which means they probably don’t have the same effect for every user. However, you should definitely avoid anti snoring devices that are used to cover your mouth.

The Sleeper Deeper anti snoring mouthpiece is considered one of the best anti snoring devices

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