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There is this general believe that all green vegetables are only for protein, and this cannot be true. Some vegetables contain fiber, vitamins and minerals, providing energy as well.

We all know that we need vegetables especially the dark leafy for an incredible health. Green vegetables play various roles in your body system, they are a source of antioxidants, providing the necessary vitamins that we need and also a source of energy. Some people often inculcate green vegetables into their diet just for weight loss.


The U.S Dept of Agriculture advised that every adult should consume a reasonable level of vegetable at least once a week. Greens are the major food one can eat always to have a real boost in his or her health bringing about weight loss. The reason is not far fetched; it is simple because these leaves are full of fiber, minerals and vitamins that the body needs always to fight against all kinds of diseases, germs or infections.

You need to take more greens for a healthier life and here are the best greens to take not just for protein but also as a source of energy. So we take a review of it works greens and here are they.



This green is known to be one of the healthiest vegetables on earth.

It is a very good source of protein, vitamins and minerals. To provides vitamin A,C and K. These antioxidants play an important role in our body system to keep us in good health. It has also been discovered that Kale also provide lutein and zeaxanthin compounds which helps in promoting the health of one’s sight.


Turnip Greens

This is one tender green that has lovely fiber, protein content. Being majorly a southern favorite, Turnip Green can easily be cooked without boiling for long. It is a major source of vitamin A and Iron, which perform the role of an antioxidant in the body promoting healthier sight.




It remains one of the most popular vegetables in U.S. it well appreciated for its nutrient content and ability to lower calories in the body. Cooking spinach gives you more nutritional raw materials because heat reduces his oxalate content, which in turn frees up the dietary calcium.

Spinach is one green that contain several flavonoid compounds, which work along side vitamin A to fight any possible cancerous growth. They say the brain cells can live for one’s entire life, but this is made possible with healthy eating. Spinach helps to protect the brain cells from aging.




It is basically not totally green or a little paler, they are basically cruciferous green vegetable which has ability to fight against any cancerous compound along side Vitamin C. some people call it the powerhouse of the kitchen. They are also high in fiber and can fill you fast. So go ahead and try the powerhouse green vegetable.


When it come to greens that provide energy, there are a lot of them that don’t just provide energy but also play other major role in providing good health for you. Try these beautiful greens today and life a healthy life.

What makes the perfect golf swing?

Finding the perfect swing is just like the holy grail for a passionate golfer. There are many sizes and shapes of golf swings, with players attempting to find the perfect one by spending most of their time on the practice range.

Bubba Watson, Adam Scott, and Jim Furyk are all great players but still, there is no difference in their swings. You must focus on finding the right swing for you. But what are the elements that can help you move to perfection? Is it the combination of power and technique, and the successful thoughts from our mind?

Rory McIlroy is famous for having the best swing in the game. So, what can amateur golfers learn from him and what’s different in his swing that makes it unique?

There are many ways that you can adopt to make more out of your swings. The key is to be able to analyze your golf swing at any angle. Here is some useful information that many professionals have shared. We hope that it will enable you to learn more techniques and improve your swing.

The science behind the swing: –

Expert golfers are continuously in search of finding an extra edge, and most of them are trying to improve the efficiency on their swing by looking to the scientific analysis. In the sports institute lab at Ulster University, Professor Eric Wallace and his team try to inspect how biomechanics impact the swing with the use 3D modelling. And they try to understand the entire process by analysing the data.

3D modelling technique: –

There is a great difference between the swings of a professional golfer and an amateur. By exploring this difference with the help of this 3D modelling technique you’ll be able to get every facet of your action analysed.

None of your action and faults will be hidden because there will be many cameras picking up the markers dotted around the club and your body. In the end, you can analyse the better and worse condition of your swing with the data that you have received.

The importance of this approach is explained by the Professor Wallace who says that the fundamental building blocks of the swing are the biomechanics, and everything else will go awry if the mechanics aren’t correct. The mechanics of the swing are about repeatability.

The naked eye and video are unable to measure what 3D model can, and the players get the opportunity to make specific improvements with the details of every aspect of the swing.

Getting Your Head right: –

Your mood changes significantly during the golf game. Sometimes it goes to glorious optimism with some successful shots while sometimes it goes to dark despair due to one poor shot. Mental strength plays an important role to help you treat the golfing triumph and the disaster the same way.

As Bobby Jones (the great amateur golfer) said: “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course — the distance between your ears.”

Keeping these things in mind you can learn to improve your swing.